Who are ESB EV Solutions?

Who are ESB EV Solutions?

ESB EV Solutions is part of ESB, Ireland’s largest energy company with 90 years’ experience in the electricity sector. We were selected as a rapid charging provider by Transport for London (TfL) in 2017. We have installed 27 rapid charging points across London to date, with plans to expand our network over the coming months.

We are an experienced owner and operator of charge point networks since 2010. We developed one of the first fully interoperable national charge point networks in Europe and currently manage 1,000 public charge points across the island of Ireland.

ESB has been a leading independent energy company in the UK for over 23 years where the company has invested almost £2bn in generation and power network assets. We recently launched ESB Energy, on the domestic market in Britain, offering very competitive electricity and gas offerings to residential customers

Learn more about ESB in the UK here.

Why choose ESB EV Solutions?

ESB EV Solutions offers a network of rapid charging points across London. Our charging points allow you to charge your electric vehicle (EV) in as little as 30 minutes. With our 'EV Plug In' app get real time availability and location of the nearest ESB rapid charging point.  Access and use of our rapid charging points is available via Pay As You Go or subscription by using our website or by downloading our 'EV Plug In' app. Our rapid charging network is supported by our 24/7 customer care team. 

Where does the electricity come from?

Our rapid charging points in London use 100% renewable energy.