EV Plug In app

How do I get the EV Plug In app?

Download the EV Plug In app from the Apple store or Google Play

I have downloaded the EV Plug In app what do I do now?

Select your nearest charge point which automatically appears on your screen or you can search for a charged point in the search bar or open the map by selecting find a charge point on the main menu. The next step is to select which charger you wish to use:

  • CHAdeMO
  • Combo CCS
  • AC43 

How do I start to charge?

To start the charge, connect the cable and swipe right. Remember to check the EV Plug In app and ensure your vehicle has started charging and check the charger screen for any additional instructions.

I have charged my car how do I stop the charge?

When you want to stop the charge, swipe left. The app will then show how long you’ve been charging for and the cost of the charge.

Can I sign-up via EV Plug In app?

Yes, you can sign up to the public charging network through the EV Plug In app. Find the app on the Apple store or Google Play.

Is the EV Plug In app secure?

Yes, the EV Plug In app is secure. All your payment details are secure and stored following GDPR regulations.

I don’t have an Apple or Android phone, what do I use?

You will find many of the same features of EV Plug In app by logging into your ESB EV Solutions account on our website.

How much does the EV Plug In app cost?

The EV Plug In app is free to download.