How to use our Rapid Electric Charging Network

Check out our video on how to use our rapid charge points

How do I locate an available ESB EV Solutions rapid charging point?

The location and availability of all our Rapid Charging Points are shown on our real time charge point map which can be found either on our website or by downloading our EV Plug In app available from the Apple store and Google Play.

How can I use a Rapid Charging Point?

You can use our Rapid Charging Points on a Pay As You Go basis or as a registered customer. In addition, we offer pre-pay and post-pay options. For more information on pricing see here.

Our ESB Rapid Charging Point User Guide is a handy guide which shows you how to access our chargers using our ESB access card, our EV Plug In app or via Contactless.

How do I start and stop a charging session?

You can start and stop a charging session with our EV Plug In app or by using an ESB EV Solutions charge point access card.

I am new to ESB. How do I sign up?

You can create an account via the ESB EV Plug In app available from the Apple store or Google Play or through our website by clicking here. Once you have created your account, chosen your preferred payment option and if necessary registered your bank details, you’re ready to use the network. 

How do I get an access card?

Registering as a customer via our EV Plug In app or on our website, entitles you to a free charge point access card. If you are a PAYG user, you can purchase a card for £10.

How do I activate/register my ESB charge point access card.

Before your card can be used, you must activate your card, by following the steps below.

1: Sign into your account on or the EV Plug In app from Apple store or Google Play

2: Go to profile and select cards from the dropdown list, (on app select dropdown menu)

3: Click activate card

4: Then input your card number to complete the activation.

How can I pay at ESB EV Solutions?

You can pay with major debit or credit cards from Visa or Mastercard. Payment can be made directly at any Rapid Charging Point using our EV Plug In app, or on the website in the My Account section.  Approximately 80% of our rapid charge points are currently enabled for contactless payment. ESB EV Solutions is working to have contactless payment available at all of our rapid charge points.

How long can I stay at an ESB EV Solutions Rapid Charging Point?

It typically takes as little as 30 minutes to charge an electric vehicle at a rapid charging point. To maximize the availability of Rapid Charging Points for all drivers, we encourage you to complete your session within an hour. After this time, a long stay fee of £10  will apply.

How can I view my usage?

As a registered customer you can view your charging and energy usage on the My Account section of the EV Plug In app or on the website under My Account.

How can I change my account and payment details?

You can edit your details on the My Account section of the EV Plug In app or via the website under My Account.