Exclusive offer of £100 free electric charging for Coventry taxi drivers

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Reduce your running costs with our introductory offer:

  • Join FREE for 12 months
  • Receive £100 FREE electric charging credit*
  • Preferential rate of 25p per kWh incl. VAT
  • No connection fees

We have installed the first twenty two of a city-wide network of 50kW rapid electric charging points. 

The locations are:

  • Manor Road-1 Rapid Charging Point
  • Croft Road-1 Rapid Charging Point
  • Queen Victoria Road-2 Rapid Charging Points
  • 2, Greyfriars Road-2 Rapid Charging Points
  • Trinity Street-2 Rapid Charging Points
  • Binley Road Car Park-2 Rapid Charging Points
  • Binley Road-1 Rapid Charging Point
  • Lower Holyhead Road-1 Rapid Charging Point
  • Red Lane-1 Rapid Charging Point
  • Clay Lane Car Park-3 Rapid Charging Points
  • Cecily Road-3 Rapid Charging Points
  • 125-153 Lockhurst Lane- 2 Rapid Charging Points
  • 1 Lower Ford Street- 1 Rapid Charging Point


What’s Included:

  • EV Plug In app with real time map of all Rapid Charging Points
  • Free ESB charge point access card
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Personalised monthly statements with VAT details
  • 100% renewable electricity

Terms and Conditions apply. Offer limited to the first 60 customers*

Sign up is quick and easy, just download our 'EV Plug In' app or via the ‘Sign Up’ button below.