About Us


ESB is an experienced owner and operator of electric vehicle (EV) charge point networks since 2010. We currently manage 1,000 public charging points across the island of Ireland.

We were selected as a rapid charging provider by Transport for London (TfL) in 2017. To date we have installed 27 rapid charging points across London with plans to expand our network in the coming months.

The development of an EV charging network throughout London will help to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality. All our rapid charging points in London use 100% renewable electricity.  

ESB is Ireland's largest energy company with 90 years' experience. We operate across the electricity sector from generation, through transmission and distribution, to supply and associated energy services.

ESB has been a leading independent generator in the UK for over 23 years and has invested almost £2bn in generation and power network assets. This year ESB Energy was launched in Britain, offering very competitive electricity and gas offerings to residential customers.

For more information visit www.ESBenergy.co.uk or www.ESBgroup.co.uk


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